The Examination Management System (EMS) has a simple and easy to use web-based centralized user interface and a well-defined database-centric schema for storing, retrieving, managing and aggregating examination objects. The system has a powerful but easy to use question bank authoring system with different question types like multiple choices, true or false, fill in the blanks, etc. The question banks are managed online and the questions can contain multimedia contents also. The question papers are delivered in a highly secured manner with 128-bit encryption technology. Effective reports are generated to know the details about examinations conducted, examination centre details, fee details, candidate details, cost and budget details, etc.The system is robust enough to handle large amount of data. Also the system is equipped with proper back up disaster recovery plan.
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The system manages the schedule effectively for examination centres or individuals and prints the exam hall entry pass with multi-level verification processes including photograph of the candidates. EMS has a built- in powerful and flexible reporting system that enables the user to view and analyze the results on demand. It has advanced features like comprehensive test engine with randomization of questions and choices and role-based security allowing multiple levels of permissions for authors and administrators. It takes into account the attendance and regulations for the course and programme and then verifies the fee payments made before the hall ticket generation can be implemented.

The Digital Valuation System is the first of its kind in the world. The evaluation of answer scripts is done in a secured environment by digitizing the answer scripts first and then enabling the evaluation through our proprietary software application. The process life cycle includes automated dummy number allocation (coding of answer copies), digitizing the answer scripts, online evaluation and mark entry by the faculty, options for accessing answer keys and also moderation and report generation by the Controller of Examination. The evaluated answer scripts are then stored in a central repository. This further enables providing scanned answer copies to students online for viewing, archival and easier re-evaluation processes. The system is developed to enhance transparency, accountability, reliability and efficiency in the whole evaluation process.
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